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Natural laundry products that do not use any harsh chemicals.

Continuing our series on environmental concerns, this month’s article focuses on natural laundry products that do not use any harsh chemicals.

There are several products on the market now that ‘put environmental management at the heart of what they do.’ There is a wide range to try.

The Bio-D company produces a wide range of washing powders, laundry liquids and fabric conditioners. They aim to deliver great green products at affordable prices. There are stockists throughout the Diocese and the simplest way to find your nearest one is through their stockists map on their website www.biodegradable.biz

Ecover products are also readily available in many supermarkets. Their website is also full of information about their products, their policies and their on-going mission to lead a clean world revolution. www.ecover.com

Method is a US based company started by two young graduates whose vision was of a cleaner greener world.Their website is also both interesting and fun! They launched their laundry products in 2010 and these can be found in many supermarkets and in Dunelm.Their story is worth reading! www.methodproducts.co.uk

Further information on ethical cleaning and household products can be found at www.ethicalsuperstore.com

( Dioc. J&P Commission)